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About Us

Who We Are?

Delta Group For Import And Export, For Agricultural Investment
one of the top-ranked import and export f Fresh Produce companies in Egypt.

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    Our vegetables and fruits
    have been recently harvested
    and treated properly postharvest

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    Our Fruits and vegetables contain
    many vitamins and minerals that
    are good for your health A ,C,E, zinc


We are Growers since 1990 Of Citrus,
Potatoes and Onions
We are importing seeds since 2000
We are exporting different crops
to the world since 2010.

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    100 % NATURAL

    Our natural foods are not processed
    do not contain any food additives,
    or do not contain particular additives

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    Statistical process control for
    promoting agriculture best-practice
    printing and typesetting industry.

Our Food

Good Food For Good Health

We are pioneer Importer of seeds to Egypt.
We import class “Elite” as basic seeds mainly from West Europe for summer crop planting ,to be able to produce local certified seed for our plantation in winter crop for export, processing & local consumption.

CASC is the official authorities of Ministry of Agriculture in Egypt which decide that local seed can meet the required health standards. Egypt imports around 80 commercial and semi commercial varieties for different purposes. Our Top imported varieties ; SPUNTA, CARA, HERMES, LADY ROSETTA, and MONDIAL.

Fresh & Natural

Our Products

Dry onions are a vital crop not only for its global
demand but also for its uses for the land as an
integral component of crop rotation plan.

Our Fruits are a good source of vitamins and
minerals, recognized for their role in preventing
vitamin C and vitamin A deficiencies.

Citrus exports represent 2.6% of Egypt’s yearly export
total and this gives the country a 4.4% share of
a global market that is worth $13.1 billion annually